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Flexmobil i6 Junior SitRite

With the Flexmobil i6 Junior, we lift mobile aids to to a new level. The Flexmobil i6 Junior is a power wheelchair for children for indoor use that provides a new freedom of movement at home, at school or at play. The chair is equipped with an innovative chassis with a more generous seat height and lower noise level. The child is seen and heard - not the chair.


Flexmobil i6 SitRite

Chassis - Flexmobil i6

With the new i6 chassis, it is easy to "sit close to the at floor" or "stand up and work". The Flexmobil i6 has generous mini and max positions and is available with two different actuators.

For us, it is all about equality. So you, as a child, can sit and play at the same level as your friends. And so you, as an adult, can vary your working position easily in the activity based office or perform everyday activities at home.

With the drive wheels placed in the middle, the chair is very easy to drive. The chair turns or its own axis and only needs a small turning space.

Flexmobil i6 chassis

Technical data

Class A
Chassis, width 57 cm
Chassis, length 80 cm
Total weight 98 kg
User weight, max. 150 kg
Turning radius 96 cm
Max. driving time 4 km/h
Max. driving time 8,5 h
Electronics Dynamic/PG
Obstacle climbing max. 3 cm

Seat system - SitRite


The SitRite seat's advantages are hidden beneath the surface in its double foam cushioning. The two parts have different densities and are formed to give the firmness and cushioning the back and thighs need. The harder base foam provides the positioning characteristics, which is to say helps hold the pelvis in a good position. The softer surface foam evens out pressure distribution and is denser under the backside than under the thighs. The form and density combine to provide comfort and stability and facilitate aspects such as balance, backbone posture and hand control.

The seat consists of:

  • Seat cavity
  • Anatomically formed femur support
  • Side support for the thighs
  • Side support for the pelvis
  • Space for protruding sacrum and coccyx
  • Pressure distribution properties


The SitRite back has an ergonomic form that supports most of the trunk without impairing arm movement. Pressure is distributed over a large area, and the trunk is also supported at the sides, which enhances comfort, increases stability and reduces tiredness when the user has a reduced sitting capability. When the trunk is stable, the user is better able to control head and hand movement.

The back consists of:

  • A rounded form to provide sideways support
  • Support for the upper part of the ileum, backwards and sideways
  • Space for the sacrum
  • individually adjustable support for the curve of the back (option)
  • free space for arm movement
  • upper back support

Sitrite seat system

Technical data

Seat (width x depth) 29x32, 32x36, 36x40, 36x45, 40x40, 40x45 cm
Seat width (between armrests) 27-52 cm
Seat depth 32-45 cm
Seat height (height to the seat's lower side) 36-61, 43-83 cm
Seat tilt, electrical, crank & turnbuckle -14° to 20°
Back support height, adjustable 37-54 cm
Back (width x height) 30x37, 37x43 cm
Back angle 30°
Upholstery Black Atlantic
Armrest height, adjustable 0-26 cm
Armrest platform 25x8x3 cm

Seat height is adjustment is electric and is available in low or high seat height options. Both are listed one after the other in the technical data in the order "low, high".


For more information about different configurations of this chair, check out the test report below.

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Flexmobil i6 Junior SitRite - Accessory

Article Art. nbr
Abductor SiteRite, black skai 224075-4800

Article Art. nbr
Head restraint SitRite 804000-2010

To be mounted in the combi hold when using divided leg supports, amp. support or adapters for other manufacturers leg supports. One on each side.

Assembly Instructions
Download (SE)

Article Art. nbr
Foot plate complete 224001-2019

For users who are amputaded and extra support. To be used together with the combi hold.

Assembly Instructions
Download (SE)

Article Art. nbr
Footrest amputation right 224001-4100H
Footrest amputation left 224001-4100V

Article Art. nbr
Footrest right 224001-2300V
Footrest left 224001-2300H

Comfortable head restraint with many adjustment possibilities. Only for the comfort seat and high work chair seat. Comes complete with hold and removable pice of fabric in color black Delfi.

Assembly Instructions
Download (SE)

Article Art. nbr
Head restraint Comfort, Delphi piece 299001-4700

Gives supports to the thighs to prevent them to fall out.

Assembly Instructions
Download (SE)

Article Art. nbr
Side support 10x24 cm right 800100-1001
Side support 10x24 cm left 800100-2001
Side support 10x32 cm right 800100-1002
Side support 10x32 cm left 800100-2002

Article Art. nbr
Trunk support reinforcement SitRite 624001-4700

Assembly Instructions
Download (SE)

Article Art. nbr
Trunksupport ABC/SitRite right 274001-4500H
Trunksupport ABC/SitRite left 274001-4500V

Flexmobil i6 Junior SitRite - Electronics

Standard control box for DX Compact. Controls up to 5 seat functions. Obvious symbols explains what seat function is activated. Is programmed with the new Wizard 5 or the hand programmer.

Article Art. nbr
Joystick G90T with toggle switch 7DX-REMG90-T

Article Art. nbr
Joystick PG with colorscreen 7PG-R-NETCJSM-sw

Article Art. nbr
Joystick PG with LED 7PG-R-NETLED JSM

The new standard control box on our indoor power wheel chairs Miniflex and Flexmobil. Controls up to two seat functions. Is programmed with Wizard 5

Article Art. nbr
Joystick shark 7DX-DK-REMD11


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    Flexmobil i6 Junior SitRite


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