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Custom made by Eurovema

Custom made by Eurovema

We don't squeeze every individual into one model. Eurovema's wide product range offers functionality for a variety of users. However, what makes us special is our ability to make unique adaptations for each individual.

Because we have our development, manufacturing and workshop facilities close to our users, here in Sweden, we can adapt our products as requested. Nothing is too much work or too difficult. With us, you will be met by enthusiasm and we love challenges! With our experience and knowledge of our own products, we know how big a difference an adaptation can make and we are always ready to try out new ideas. However, we are also honest about what is possible, and we never put the user's safety at risk. Eurovema's adaptations are carried out under strict, controlled conditions in our own workshop, where we are responsible for the documentation. We think that a technical aid should make life easier, so we take great care with function and finish. Because our suppliers are nearby, we can provide great service even when the deadlines are tight.


We provide prompt and effective service when you need help with simple adaptations. And of course no one knows our products as well as we do! With our knowledge of design and tests – and with drawings and spare parts in stock – we can easily respond to questions and make changes. Our knowledgeable sales people are your reliable contact.


We also carry out advanced adaptations for users who, for example, want to use their technical aid while lying down or standing. Safety and stability are not jeopardised as long as the technical aid is used in accordance with our instructions. A customised solution starts with Eurovema's product specialist meeting the user at the Technical Aid Centre to discuss desires and possible solutions. Our technicians work out a solution that also includes a risk analysis. After a further test, we carry out the special customisation by hand in our workshop. The unique technical aid is then delivered to the user along with the documentation.


Our adaptations are made in close dialogue with the user and the Technical Aid Centre staff. Regardless of whether all the work is done at the Technical Aid Centre or at Eurovema, we use our expertise at every stage along the way. We always adapt our service to the needs of the user and the technical aid business.

  • 1.

    Needs and solutions are discussed with the user, prescriber and Technical Aid Centre.

  • 2.

    Risk analysis. Proposal and sketches.

  • 3.

    Individual testing.

  • 4.

    Adaptation in Eurovema's workshop.

  • 5.

    Inspection and marking.

  • 6.

    Delivery with final inspection by personal specialist.

impairment circle

A. Example of diagnoses: Rheumatic diseases, arthritis, minor neurological complaints, pain, dizziness, back problems.

B. Example of diagnoses: Stroke and other neurological injuries and diseases, severe pain and impaired general health.

C. Example of diagnoses: Neurological injuries and diseases such as CP, ALS, MS, stroke and traumatic brain injury.


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