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Support /  Control boxes - Dynamic / PG

Programming - Wizard

How to install program?

You can find programs and udates under "Files to download".

Wizard program (5.1 and 3.5)

Download and run the file. Also download the updates.

Wizard program (3.1)

Download the ZIP file to the "desktop". Export the contents in the downloaded file to the "desktop". Find the file "setup exe" in the folder "Wizard 3.1" or "Wizard 3.5". The program is installed on the computer.

Also download the updates for Wizard 3.1 or Wizard 3.5 and for the "HASP driver".

Eurovema Drive program

Download the ZIP file to the "desktop". Unzip the file and place the folder somewhere on the computer or e.g. "my documents". Start Wizard 5 and click on file open and search for the folder where you put it! The folder named Dynamic is for Dynamic's control box and the PG folder is for PG's control box.


Download the ZIP file to the desktop. Export the contents in the downloaded file to the desktop. Mark all the files in the folder "Eurovema drive program", cut and paste them to the desktop.

Open Wizard 3 and click on "file import" and then "Browse" after the folder "p00.dir" on the desktop. Mark the folder by clicking once (1), Click on "OK". Mark the box "Include sub Folder". Click on "Import". Point out where the files should in Wizard and click on "Import" again.

Rename the folder by click on "File open", mark the new folder so it becomes blue, click on "Rename" and write in the desired name of the folder. Done!

Files to download


8.1MB (exe)

Number of order: 1

3.8MB (exe)

Number of order: 1

3.2MB (zip)

Number of order: 1

44.5kB (zip)

Number of order: 1

4.1MB (zip)

Number of order: 1


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